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Flappy Pals is now available for FREE from the App Store & Google Play Store! Download it for FREE and flap away with your favorite Pal!

Flappy Pals is NOW for iOS & Android! Once you START playing you CAN’T STOP!!! YOU WILL BE ADDICTED!

Play as SIX DIFFERENT Characters!
-Cute Unicorn
-Paper Airplane
-Beach Ball

Get Medals for ALL your Pals the further you go with EACH ONE! How far can you get???
-Bronze Medal (10)
-Silver Medal (20)
-Gold Medal (50)
-Platinum Medal (100)

Can you get Platinum Medals for ALL your Pals & MOST IMPORTANTLY, Can you BEAT your friends High Scores???

Just Tap away on your device to keep your Pals Flapping but DON’T get too carried away with tapping because you MUST avoid the obstacles ahead…BUT ONCE YOU DO…You will be VICTORIOUS and come out ON TOP by BEATING ALL your friends scores and have *NICE* *PLATINUM* *MEDALS* for ALL your Pals!

So what are you WAITING FOR??? Start Flapping and come out VICTORIOUS!

AppStore          FlappyPalsIcon          GooglePlayStore