Little Viking: Dungeon Escape – App

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Little Viking: Dungeon Escape is now available on the Amazon App Store for the Fire TV & Fire TV Stick! Download it now and help Little Viking escape the Dungeon!

Monsters, Traps, and Dangers…Oh MY!!! Little Viking is trapped in a Dungeon and the only thing to do is keep moving forward. There is no going back!  Go with Little Viking on an epic adventure through 10 Dungeons, 100 rooms collecting coins along the way and help Little Viking Escape! As you help Little Viking attempt to escape, you will be chased by bats, tricked by ghosts, surrounded by monsters, and deal with hazards such as spikes, guillotines, cannons, and much more?

~Product Features~

-10 Dungeons, 100 Levels

-Collect Coins

-Great Sounds

-Awesome Graphics

-Test Your Skills and Reflexes

Will you successfully help Little Viking Escape the Dungeon?