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The official Stratosphere Trampoline Park Eld. App is now available for FREE from the App Store & Google Play Store! Download it for FREE to start jumping on all the rewardsand special offers only available within the app!

From the Ninja Warrior Course, Dodgeball, Trampoline Fitness Classes, and our Arcade to the Jumping Beans Social (for kids 5 and under) we have something for EVERYONE and will keep you active and entertained for hours! Clean, safe, accommodating, fun, and now with the Stratosphere app and its rewards and special offers, you will be jumping for joy!

The Stratosphere Trampoline Park App Offers:

• An Exclusive Download Offer
• Loyalty Program
• Check-In Coupon
• GPS Coupon
• Discounts & Special Offers
• Photos & News
• Upcoming Events & Notifications
• Park Info (Phone Number, Address, Hours, etc.)
• Sign Waiver

The Stratosphere Trampoline Park app is FREE so download today to start getting rewards! Just for downloading our app and accepting push notifications, you will receive 5 FREE points towards your rewards!

Stratosphere’s in app loyalty program and reward coupons was created to reward our customers for being AWESOME!!!

Here’s how it works:

First things first, you will need to download the Stratosphere Trampoline Park App in the App Store (it’s FREE to download!). Once the app is downloaded, jump into the app to receive your first 5 FREE points for the loyalty program. Our app offers a GPS Coupon, Check-In Coupon & a Loyalty Program (all 3 only available within the app).

*GPS Coupon*

When you are within 15 Miles from our Eldersburg Location, make sure to check in within the app to receive your free stamps towards in app rewards. *Can only check in once every 24 hours*

Note: The GPS functionality will only work if users have allowed your app to access their location. If you’re having trouble checking in, go to your device’s location services settings and verify that the app is allowed to access your location.

Check-In Coupon:

This is different from the GPS coupon. You must come in and visit our location and scan our QR code for the Check-In Stamp. When visiting our location, don’t forget to check in to receive your free stamp towards in app rewards. *Can only check in once every 24 hours*

Loyalty Program:

The loyalty program gives you the opportunity to earn special offers, discounts, and FREE stuff! When ever you make a purchase, have the app launched with the loyalty program opened. Hand your device to the employee taking care of the purchase and they will enter in the code to complete the stamp and give you your points. Once you have enough points for the first reward, you may choose to redeem your points to receive that reward or continue building up your points for better rewards!

How to redeem your points?

Once you have enough stamps or points to redeem the reward associated with it, show the cashier your device with the reward that is ready to be redeemed. The Stratosphere employee will press “Redeem” on the device for the transaction to occur and complete!

*Stratosphere is NOT responsible for accidental redemption of points.*

*ALL rewards, coupons, discounts, special offers, and the loyalty program associated with this app is for the Eldersburg Location ONLY!*

AppStore                    GooglePlayStore